Monthly Archives: September, 2012

Planet M

  It is my conviction that while looking down at Earth from the heavens, the One Above must be bemused by the name we earthlings have given our planet. With the human species’ obsessive preoccupation with marriage—the making, the tolerating and the breaking of it, wouldn’t a more apt name for it be Planet M? …

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The Legendary Thai Massage

<a href=”; title=”Visit to discover Indian blogs” > <img src=”ht   To me, Bangkok is a city of sharp contrasts. On offer is the base as well as the divine. The sublime as well as the ridiculous.  In ample measure. The divinity is outnumbered only by the depravity. There are as many temples (over …

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Zipping Through Bangkok

<a href=”; title=”Visit to discover Indian blogs” > <img src=”ht           With just two days left in Bangkok and myriads of shopping opportunities lying unexplored, we felt exactly what the famished Hansel and Gretel must have felt on reaching the chocolate cottage.   Being adventurous by nature, we decided to forego the …

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