Meet Carol

So many of you have been asking me the identity of Carol. Thank you so much for your curiosity! So it’s finally time to bring Carol out of the covers.

Carol is the brave person inside me who laughs at every difficulty Life throws at us. She is the care-two-hoots girl who says, “Don’t dictate to me. I live Life on my own terms please.” She has Attitude. Loads of it.

Before you think that I am slightly strange as I talk to her whenever I need courage, let me hook you on to my strong belief that we have two sides–a weak side and a strong side.

Carol is my strong side. She is my strident inner babe who keeps buzzing into my ears–“On your Marks, Get Set… Go!”  She is my inner voice who connected me to the powerful life philosophy I adopted 7 years back and converted me from an emotional being to a spiritual one. 

Her positivity is so exhausting that she just does not listen to my fears. She keeps whispering into my ears something my Mentor has taught me, “Courage is the force that makes our lives brilliant”.

How can I ignore her?

Listen dear reader friend. The real me is quaking with fear at this very moment. You know why?

Tomorrow morning I go in for Chemo! The very thought of playing host to that deadly fluid in my veins has me shaking like a leaf.

Ignoring my fears, however, she winks at me and says–“Remember that cricketer? He’s more energetic than before. And that Bollywood actress? She has now become mint fresh. And that friend of my friends’? What an enviable head of hair he now has. So you, who the hell are you? Someone out of this Planet?”

I plead and weep–“When the deadly injection goes inside me tomorrow morning, playing international cricket or growing back luxurious hair will be the last thing on my mind, Carol!”

But all she does is whistle jauntily.

In the absence of any sympathy from this spunky diva, I have decided to make peace and surrender to her quirky view of our life.

Dear Reader, do pray for me as I go in tomorrow to the gallows…er… hospital.

You know what? You might just notice a smile on me.

Guess I have finally become Carol!





    im fallin in love with this carol

  2. M

    Carol definitely seems like a beautiful friend to have 🙂

  3. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!


  4. Avnita Bir

    I love the strong Carol.


  1. Meet Carol | neelamsapphire

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